Falling for the Friend

Yes i do have a best friend

Yes she is the one i can share anything with.

I enjoy her company the most but never have though of being with her.

Friendship is the precious bond we share deep inside.

I did not realise when i fall for her, when i started to feel jealous about she being with other guys, that thing took my breath away.

I don’t actually know what love is but this thing feels different, I don’t want to let her go with anyone else, I don’t want her to leave me, i want us to stick around always cz she is that precious pearl for me.

I don’t even know if she feels the same, if she even have thought of it before.

I share everything with her but how to share this feeling when its about her.

Yes i feel for you, yes i care about, yes i adore you, and Yes i can say I Love You whether it goes being friends or anything but yes I Love You.

but this things stays within because I cannot loose you as a friend for any selfish reasons.

That last night talk, roaming around discussing things, I could have hold ur hand there with the rising sun and told you that we can be perfect together but i care for you and our friendship more than i can think for myself.

You look far much beautiful than my words can describe.

You know things that no one else does and You can always count on me and am always there for you.


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